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Introduce 4 Music Organizations You Will Support

1. Music Makes Music

Music Makes Music is an amazing organization committed to educating, empowering, inspiring, and motivating teenagers to get involved with music. Their goal is to spread awareness among teens regarding the benefits of being involved with music, knowing their self-worth, staying drug free, and pursuing their education.  

Being one of the leading organizations helping teens, Music Makes Music allows teens to fight depression, bullying, self-harm, suicide, eating disorders, and substance abuse. They do this by creating a safe environment for teens to hone their musical creativity.

In addition, Music Makes Music makes a positive mark in communities and schools by closely engaging with the youth. Assemblies are done with the teens to build rapport and credibility. Before the assemblies, the organization works with the schools’ stage crew in setting up and preparing for the events. During the assemblies, bands, orchestras, and/or choirs join. The journalism and photography classes of the schools are also involved in documenting the events. After the assemblies, the performers spend the rest of the day inside classrooms, working with the students on a one-on-one basis and teaching them about the organization’s goal.

By involving as many students as possible during the assemblies, Music Makes Music fosters a safe and friendly environment for the students to learn and be empowered.

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Harmony Project

2. Harmony Projects

Next on the list is another great organization, Harmony Project. At Harmony Project, music education is used to equip students with skills and resources they need to thrive in school, in the community, and in life.

With years of experience, Harmony Project is recognized as having one of the most effective youth development programs in the country. They are also LA’s largest music education organization devoted to low-income youth and under-resourced communities. Lastly, Harmony Project envisions a world where all students ―regardless of family background, income, or location ― get equal access to opportunities to make music and the resources needed to prosper in college and beyond.

The great work provided by this organization does not stop there.They also give excellent music teachings and social support to children all year round for free. Thanks to their huge network of well-versed instructors, various opportunities for advancement, and college success programs, Harmony Project continues to motivate the youth in reaching their goals and developing human potential in communities.

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3. Music Maker Relief Foundation

Music Maker Relief Foundation was established with one purpose in mind― to preserve the musical traditions of the South by providing support to the musicians who make it, and ensuring that their voices will be heard regardless of their socioeconomic status and age.

The foundation will give future generations access to these musicians’ heritage through public performance programs, youth engagement, and documentation, which will spread more knowledge and appreciation of America’s musical traditions. The musicians are also supported through professional development programs, management services, and tour booking. Lastly, the organization provides constant support to musicians living on or below the poverty line, and on-call grants to musicians in crisis.

For the record, Music Maker Relief Foundation already gave out 12,006 music grants and 7,053 performances. Add to that the 435 artists they supported and the 2,428 songs they released.

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Musicians on Call

4. Musicians on Call

Last but not the least on the list is an organization that brings live and recorded music to bedridden patients in healthcare facilities. Musicians On Call believes that providing live and recorded performances to bedside patients gives hope to them. Their days become brighter, which evidently helps them recover.

The organization was founded on the basis of the wonders music brings to people. Music was a great tool in changing the moods of people, shaping their days, and helping them create good memories. With the struggles sick people go through, they need music the most. 

Musicians On Call have been going all around the country, bringing joy among patients for 20 years. They are a testament that music indeed has healing powers. In fact, famous artists such as Kelly Clarkson and Darius Rucker have partnered with them. What better way to change the cold, sullen environment in hospitals.

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